Fed up of soaring electricity bills?? Switch to solar power.. Save Electricity.. Save Money.. Save our Mother Earth

India’s potential of generating solar power from rooftops has remained unexplored, but now with the proactive attitude of the government, this sector has gained its due attention. With various central and state solar policies, the motive of the government to achieve 100 GW solar energy generation goal by 2022 under the umbrella of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission.

Solar Energy: A Sustainable Solution

Rooftop solar is a reliable source of energy generation, long-term power source with one time installation cost and negligible maintenance cost. The rooftop solar system makes the household energy efficient and makes way for energy security. The excess energy produced from the rooftop solar can also be traded to earn money at the same time minimizing your electricity bills. The rooftop solar energy system reduces carbon footprint and also minimizes climate risks.

How it Works:

Say a typical residential consumer with a 5 KW load requirement, installs a rooftop solar power system of 2 KW. A Typical 2 KWp System shall produce approximately 10 KWhr or Units per day averaging to approximately 3650 KWhr or Units per Year

Solar rooftop system capacity installed Annual Energy generated (KWH) Capital Cost of the System (Rs.) Annual Savings on electricity bills (INR) (at Rs. 7 per unit) Saving in 25 Years* Payback Period (Without taking escalation in electricity tariff)
1 KW 1825 65,000/- 12,775/- 3,19,375/- 5 Years**
3 KW 5475 1,95,000/- 38,325/- 9,58,125/- 5 Years**
5 KW 9125 3,25,000/- 63,875/- 15,96,875/- 5 Years**

*As the life of rooftop solar system is 25 years.

**The actual payback period would vary on the electricity tariff slabs.

Delhi Solar Policy: Need of the Hour

The Delhi cabinet coming with the much needed solar policy has made solar energy the buzz of the hour. The solar policy with the aim of 1 GW solar power generation in the capital by 2020 comes with favouring features and has made solar rooftop power generation much easier and tempting than before. After this policy, Delhi people are all bullish about the solar energy installation policy and this the correct time to install a solar rooftop system and make your house solar powered. The Delhi government will be giving a generation-based-incentive (GBI) to the domestic consumers of Rs. 2 per unit of solar energy produced. Moreover, the central government has increased the capital cost subsidy for those investing in solar energy from 15% to 30%.

The way forward

The time is perfect to install a solar rooftop system and start saving on your electricity bills. When you begin to generate your own solar power, your electricity bill can drop significantly. Adding to it will be the extra power you generate through your rooftop system which can earn you money. So, hurry up and contact a solar installer to make your house solar powered and cash in the benefits provided by the pro-solar current environment.


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