Indian Railway runs on solar wheel

To support the solar target of 100GW of Government of India, Ministry of railway has decided to produce 500MW solar power in upcoming five Years.

For the reason Indian Railway is now a days conducting a trial to run trains by Solar Power. After the successful trial on Revari-Sitapur passenger train that comes under the Northern Indian railway is now going to have a trial on another solar powered train in Jodhpur, Rajasthan by the end of this month.

North Western Railways Public Relations Officer Gopal Sharma said, “This train will be run as a passenger train, the route to be decided after the trial run. This is the initiative by the Railways to make use of alternative source of energy. The prototype of the solar power-enabled coach where the entire train will be fitted with solar panels is going to be used for the trial.”

If the trial become successful after electricity running trains in country we will see solar running trains in future. That will increase money in railways saving box which will help to improve the poor condition of Indian Railway facilities and also to reduce the huge consumption of diesel daily to run nearly 12623 trains per day. Solar as a renewable energy and a vast source of energy is accurate for Indian Railway as it will reduce the disel consumption by 90,000 liters per year. Which will also reduce the pollution and will make the Indian Railway more ecofriendly and coooool….

urvashi khatri

urvashi khatri

Urvashi works as Sr. analyst (solar) in Sunrator technologies.