Japan is building world’s largest floating solar farm

After the fukushima disaster Japan had to shutdown all its nuclear power plant. Till then japan has trailed a long way in renewable energy. But Japan has a geographical structure surrounded by the mountains and the other part of land has been used in civilization and installation of a solar plant demands space. Space-starved Japan found its solution in floating solar farms.

Kyocera group in its latest project with Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation building a floating solar farm which they claim will be the world’s largest floating solar farm in terms of power produced.

“The project will generate an estimated 16,170MWh per year, enough electricity to power approximately 4,970 typical households, which could save 19,000 barrels of oil consumed,” Kyocera says on its website.

The plant is being installed on a reservoir in Japan’s Chiba prefecture, Situated about 50 miles from Tokyo. Koycera is building the 13.7MW Floating solar farm using over 50,000 solar panels that will cover a freshwater surface area of about 180,000 square meter and is expected to supply enough electricity for nearly 5,000 households. The plant is expected to be commissioned by 2018.

urvashi khatri

urvashi khatri

Urvashi works as Sr. analyst (solar) in Sunrator technologies.