MNRE releases Guidelines for Channel Partners

Government has set a target of 40,000 MWp of grid interactive rooftop solar power plants by 2022. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is implementing a Grid connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants Programme.

These Rooftop Solar PV plants will be set up in different residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, Government/ PSU sectors ranging from 1 kWp to 500 kWp capacity. For solar rooftop system SECI is processing tenders for 500 MW and 1000 MW respectively.

In solar rooftop system 30% subsidy is available for Residential, Social and Institutional sectors. For Government/PSU sectors, incentive up to 15 – 25% is available.

But for industrial & commercial sectors, no subsidy or incentive from Government are now available MNRE is working on initiatives to collate demand from cities and Ministries/ Departments for these sectors. For industrial segments, the Rooftop Solar target is 50% or 20,000 MW.

Till now, 26 States/ UTs have Net/ Gross metering regulations. In this case the role of DISCOMS for operationalizing Net Metering regulations, appears to be very challenging. Here the role of Channel Partners will be crucial. Channel Partners are expected to participate and liaise with units in Industrial & Commercial sectors to take up Rooftop Solar projects where consumption is more than Rooftop Solar generation.

MNRE had issued Operational guidelines for the Channel Partners on letter No. 5/22/2013-14 RT    dated    18.09.2015 wherein it is laid down that MNRE will regularly review the progress and performance of each Channel Partner. However, no target had been fixed before Channel Partners to check such performance or progress.  Hence for making strong push for Solar Rooftop in commercial and industrial sectors, following targets are proposed for the financial year 2016-2017:-

Channel Partners Proposed  Non  subsidy  based

target  in MW( FY 2016-17)

Nos.         of



target (MW)

Category A 3 96 288
Category B 2 101 202
Category C 1 75 75
Category  D/ New


0.25 129 32.25
Total 401 597.25

These targets will also be applied to all fresh empanelment cases. And if a Channel Partner is not able to achieve these targets for consecutive two years, it will be downgraded to next category.

urvashi khatri

urvashi khatri

Urvashi works as Sr. analyst (solar) in Sunrator technologies.