New power of solar: Baripatha, a tribal hamlet

After Dharnai village of Bihar, Baripatha village, a tribal hamlet of Odisha became a solar village. Baripatha’s solar model is low-cost, low-maintenance and community-owned “This model can be replicated all over Odisha to provide power to its nearly 3,900 villages,” said senior IPS officer Joydeep Nayak, the prime mover behind this initiative. This is a 7lakh project supported by NALCO, ECCO and Jakson Solar.

“Till now, in all rural solar projects, central units would supply power to households. Often, the exposed cables would be tapped by some, while others would draw more than their shares. This would cause the central unit to overload and trip, by providing individual units to each household, these problems have been resolved.” said Sandip Ghosh, executive vice-president of Jakson Solar.

“Today green energy has become a buzz word. The vision behind such an innovative initiative was to enhance the usage of non-conventional energy sources in households,” Nalco CMD T K Chand said after inagurating the facility.
“On behalf of NALCO, I assure you that our company will continue its efforts to promote green technology and support such innovative measures,” he added.

The central solar unit has eight big panels that can be folded in just two minutes to protect them from cyclones and high-speed winds that hit Odisha frequently.