Prime Minister’s Renewed Push at RE- Invest

At the inaugural ceremony of the RE-Invest Expo, Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi described the country’s thrust towards renewable energy production as an effort to ensure universal energy access for India’s poor. This event was India’s first Renewable Energy Global Investors’ Meet and Expo held in New Delhi between 15-17 February, 2015.

The Prime Minister said that although India has escalated itself from megawatt to gigawatt level in terms of renewable energy production, lakhs of families in the country are still deprived from energy connectivity. Until energy connectivity reaches each and every household of the country, the fruits of development will not reach the common man, he added. He also asserted that there is no alternative but to make a huge leap in energy production and connectivity in this age of globalization. He further stated that India’s stress on renewable energy is to meet the common people’s energy requirements and not to focus on impressing the world.
Speaking of the seven horses of energy which previously comprised of only thermal, gas, hydro and nuclear power, there are now addition of solar, wind and biogas energy.

Continuing with his speech, he talked about India’s initiative of forming a consortium of 50 countries blessed with abundance of solar irradiation. This is aimed to carry out various research and technological advancements in the field of solar energy, thus improving its accessibility for the poor people in those remote locations.
Calling it a free consultation, he suggested the possibility of harnessing both solar and wind energy in a hybrid way to maximize the area benefit. He encouraged canal top solar panel installation for better energy generation and lesser evaporation.He stated the need for solar pumps in the rural areas to reduce the input costs for farmers. With the help of micro-irrigation, water can be conserved thus enhancing better crop yield, he added.

The Prime Minister welcomed the initiatives shown in this direction by many state Governments. This collective effort will surely take the country from megawatt to gigawatt level, he said. With determination he stated that if a country has the potential to lead the world in the area of renewable energy, it surely is India. Loving Mother Nature and living in harmony with nature is embedded in our DNA, he added. He further stated that continuous efforts are required from our part to excel in this direction instead of relying solely on culture and traditions to carry us through.As part of the Make in India initiative he gave a push for domestic manufacturing and also called for sustained technological research in the field of renewable energy.