Rajasthan government waves off 50% transmission charges for solar

Rajasthan, state having the highest installed solar capacity, has decided to reduce the transmission charges by 50%. The Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission approved it in its Transmission Tariff for FY 2015/16.

Rajasthan has the highest installed solar capacity in India, having overtaken the previous year leader Gujarat earlier this year.

Sunil Bansal, general secretary of RSA told media that Rajasthan has high transmission and loss charges, and these have emerged as hurdles for solar PV uptake.

Rajasthan’s transmission charge was highest in the country with Rs 0.92/kWh against Gujarat’s Rs 0.49/kWh , Andhra Pradeesh’s Rs 0.38/kWh, Madhya Pradesh’s Rs 0.27/kWh, and Karnataka’s Rs 0.06/kWh.

This reduction will help to achieve the state’s goal of generating 25,000 megawatt of solar energy in the next four years by attracting an investment of about Rs 1.75 lakh crore.

¬†Indian government has planned to set up¬†green energy “corridors” to transmit clean energy from the country’s leading renewable power states, such as Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh to the main centers of energy consumption including Delhi and the state of Maharashtra. In that scenario lowering the transmission is appreciable step.