Solar Island

The life on a remote island is not easy, even electricity depends on the ship thinking when will fuel supply come? But what if now you don’t need to depend on diesel shipment? What if you use solar energy for your electricity needs?

Tesla recently revealed that it’s running the island of Ta’u in American Samoa on solar energy. Tesla revealed it uses solar energy microgrid of 1.4 megawatts and can cover nearly 100 percent electrical needs of the island.

It is using 5,328 solar panels and 60 Tesla Powerpacks that offer 6 megawatt-hours of energy storage to light up the island. While Ta’u is normally very sunny, the packs can keep it running for three days without sunlight. They don’t have to worry about a cloudy day leading to blackouts.


Ta’u previously used to run on diesel generators that burn 300 gallons of fuel per day, which is neither eco-friendly nor cheap. Moreover Locals previously had to ration power and if a diesel shipment wasn’t on time and diesel gets low, they try to save it by using it only for mornings and afternoons. Now, they can assume they’ll have power at all times.

Solar is a clean energy solution, and also eliminate expenses and issues associated with shipping diesel. This island is a perfect example of solar switching. What are you still waiting for?

urvashi khatri

urvashi khatri

Urvashi works as Sr. analyst (solar) in Sunrator technologies.