“The Australian” renewed racism on Indian Renewable Power!

“The Australian”, the broadsheet newspaper in Australia published a satirical cartoon by Bill Leak depicting Indians trying to figure out how to use solar panels. The cartoon was captioned as “Aid à la mode” in reference to the recent Paris climate change deal.

“The Australian” released a statement saying it stood by the cartoon, which it said ridiculed climate change activists, not Indian people, which their readers would have understood, but even if “ The Australian” wants to ridicule climate change activists the unwanted racism toward India was uncalled for.

This is not the first time when the western media has ridiculed about Indian and its recent technological progress. In 2014, right after India’s Mars Orbiter Mission, The New York Times newspaper had published a cartoon showing an impoverished Indian with a cow knocking on the door of the “Elite Space Club”.

Only they know what the reason behind the cartoon was but this one is getting remonstrated on social media. Many have condemned the cartoon – including Australian MP Tim Watts.

One thing is for sure, that Indian is set on to play significant role in International Policy making be it Climate change or Solar Power!

urvashi khatri

urvashi khatri

Urvashi works as Sr. analyst (solar) in Sunrator technologies.